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Life’s journey is never a straight line, rather, a crooked and twisting path that leads us to new adventures. Much like the roads right here in Asheville, NC, that follow the crooks and turns of the mountain landscape. They zig, they zag; they twist and turn and around each bend is a chance for a new discovery and a new tale. There is a legend that everyone in Asheville is either "running to or running from something.”

People from all over the world have sought out this region for a variety of reasons. There is something in our ancient mountains that calls out to people to move here and pursue their dreams. Some come to begin a new chapter in their lives, some seek inspiration to create and some come to heal their souls. The result is a giant melting pot where new stories and old begin to merge.

The story of Crooked Condiments follows those twists and turns. We didn’t begin life’s journey with the goal of bottling the great tastes and tales of this amazing part of the world. Along our path, we discovered amazing people who are committed to producing the finest in local products. Our region is quickly being recognized by food lovers for the area’s commitment to ‘farm to table’ foods. They are raised on small farms with love and care and accessed only by traveling crooked roads. At Crooked Condiments, we decided to take advantage of these bounties and take pride in using as many local products as we can. We also strive to capture the tastes of the region and to celebrate the tales. We hope that we can add a little spice to your life’s journey.

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